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MAPP Student Projects: Sustainable Agriculture and Humane Livestock Systems


Bridget Denzer
Contesting Views of American Bison: a Content Analysis
Kristina Doyle
Clarifying the Dairy Welfare Audit


Kerry Bannon
Dehorning Practices and Perceptions of Southern New England Dairy Farmers
Ike Sharpless
Writing Animal Welfare into WTO Law: Assessing the Merits with Stakeholder Interviews


Maia Wentrup
Downer Cattle in the United States: An Evolution of Policies, Frames and Outcomes
Elissa Sosland
Common Farming Exemptions in Anti-Cruelty Statutes and the Implications for Farm Animal Policy in the United States
Elisabeth Stoddard
The Principle of Precaution: Assessing Harm for Farmed Animals Treated With Pro-Growth Antibiotics


Abby Garner
In the Hog House: A Look at the Sow Housing Controversy and Farmers' Experiences with Alternative Systems
Sarah Speedy
Preferences and Willingness to Pay a Premium for Alternatively Raised Animal Food Products: A Survey of Consumers at Massachusetts Farmer's Markets


Rachael Budowle
Animal Welfare and Consumer Choice: A Comparative Policy Analysis of Grass Fed Beef Standards


Jill Berkowitz
An Overview of the Scientific Aspects of Shechita and Conventional Slaughter from Consciousness to Death


Diana Goodrich
Life After the Industrial Farm: Sanctuary Chicken Welfare
Tara Turner
Examining Alternative Agriculture with an Emphasis on Animal Welfare


Nina Shah
Risk Analysis of rbST in the US and EU: The Role of Political Factors and Animal Welfare


Jessica Morris
Farm Animals and Food Labels


Jennifer O’Driscoll
Farm Animal Welfare (An Interactive CD-ROM Tutorial)