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MAPP Student Projects: Conservation and Human-Wildlife Conflicts


Alysa Froman
Assessing Attitudes toward Wildlife of Homeowners with Certified Backyard Wildlife Habitats
Jeaniene Leis
Resident Attitudes towards Land Preservation for the Wild Horse (Equus caballus) of Northern Corolla Island, North Carolina
Nadine Pellegrini
Allegory of Want. Coyotes, Conflict, and Animal Control Officers in Massachusetts


Pamela Black
The Effectiveness of Wolf Education at Wolf Park, Indiana
Corinne Lackner
Turtle Road Mortality in Grafton, Massachusetts


Jennifer Jackman
Coyotes, Companion Animals, and Conflict on Cape Cod: Attitudes Towards Coyotes Among Barnstable County, MA Voters
Mary Spock
Effectiveness of Water-flow Devices as Beaver Conflict Resolution Tools: A Satisfaction Survey of Massachusetts Clients


Alysa Hayden
Two Classifications are too Complicated: A Policy Analysis of the Wyoming Gray Wolf Management Plan
Jamie Clerkin Jones
Effectiveness is in the Eye of the Beholder: Bowhunting as a Population Control Method for Sub/urban White-Tailed Deer


Melissa Bailey
Assessing the Effectiveness of Park Signage to Reduce Community Feeding of Waterfowl
Kristen Koyama
Characterization of the Massachusetts Wildlife Protection Act by Four Local Newspapers


Nicole Cottam
The Effect of Consultation Type on Behavior Modification for 100 Dogs Diagnosed with Dominance Aggression or Separation Anxiety
Susanne Abromaitis
Inviting Politics to Dinner: An Eco-feminist Analysis of Meat Eating
Jessica Almy
Dissection in Massachusetts Classrooms: Correlation of Gender, Teacher Attitudes and Conscientious Objection
Heather Tallent
Evaluating International Approaches to Dangerous Dog Policy
Tristan Rehner
Inter-observer Reliability of a Behavior Assessment Protocol for Dogs
Jamie Olin
Humane Education in the 21st Century: A Survey of Shelters in the US
Victoria Soto
Injuries Caused by Pet Non-human Primates


Justin Scace
The Use of Water Level Control Devices to Minimize Conflicts Between Humans and Beaver


Heidi Parker
Establishing a Good Neighbor Policy Towards the Eastern Coyote


Danielle Jo Bays
Brucellosis, Bison and Beef: A Study of Conflict in the Greater Yellowstone Area
Linda Huebner
Wildlife Contraception: An Evaluation of Options, Ethical Considerations, and Public Attitudes