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MAPP Student Projects: Assessment of Animal Stress, Quality of Life and Enrichment


Whitney Allen
A Survey of Members of the Massachusetts Thoroughbred Breeders Association: Assessing Current Attitudes and Practices Regarding Thoroughbred Stallion and Broodmare Management with Emphasis on Information Dispersal
Heather Dry
Panthera Tigris, Conservation and Education: What are Zoos Telling Us?
Carin Ferdowsian
Gas Chamber Euthanasia in Oklahoma Shelters: a Policy Memo for Animal Protection Groups
Hilary Quist
Comparison of Shelter Dogs Behavioral Response to Real Versus Life-Like Stuffed Dog
Taylor Shire
Applying Public Policy Analysis to Zoo and Aquarium Decision Making


Gabrielle Bright
Litigating Animal Shelter Legislation: an Analysis of Nguyen v. County of Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control
Kristina Doyle
Clarifying the Dairy Welfare Audit


Anastacia Spang
Effect of Perspective on Adoption Decision of Animal Shelter Visitors


Roberto Castillo
Exploring Contemporary Thoughts on the Use of Environmental Enrichment Programs in No-Kill Animal Shelter
Sarah Jones
Use of Accelerometers to Measure Stress Levels in Dogs


Matthew Gordon
Welfare Concerns for Captive Elephants


Emily McCobb
Assessment of Stress Levels Among Cats in Boston Area Animal Shelters


Kelley Loughran
A Closer Examination of Differing Attitudes Towards Environmental Enrichment


Katherine Roberts
A Review of the Evaluation of Environmental Enrichment in Zoos


Susan Cusack
Toward a Better Understanding of the Effects of Various Environmental Features on the Activities of Big Cats in Captivity