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MAPP Student Projects: Animals in Culture, Ethics and the Law


Nina Farley Using a Website and Social Marketing for an Animal Protection Campaign
Carin Ferdowsian
Gas Chamber Euthanasia in Oklahoma Shelters: a Policy Memo for Animal Protection Groups
Susan Getty
The Whale Shark Tourism Industry in Holbox, Mexico
Kate McPherson
What About Fish? Why Some “Vegetarians” Eat Seafood and Implications for the Vegetarian Movement
Melissa Rothstein
Intersecting Social Movements: LGBTQ Rights and Animal Rights
Taylor Shire
Applying Public Policy Analysis to Zoo and Aquarium Decision Making


Elizabeth Arps
Evaluation of the Boston Responsible Pitbull Ordinance
Gabrielle Bright
Litigating Animal Shelter Legislation: an Analysis of Nguyen v. County of Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control
Alyssa Corbett
Diffusion of State Wildlife Policy Through Direct Democracy, 1990-2010: Characteristics Associated with Consideration and Adoption of Statewide Ballot Measures
Bridget Denzer
Contesting Views of American Bison: a Content Analysis
Kristina Doyle
Clarifying the Dairy Welfare Audit
Martha Grace
Bridging the Gap: Educating Decision Makers about the Connections Between Human Violence and Animal Cruelty


Melanie Benetato
Veterinary Forensics Education
Emily Forline
Characterizing the Dog Population and Dog Ownership in Cozumel, QR, Mexico
Lauren (Hanna) Lentz
Determining Success Measures for Community Animal Welfare Projects
Lenora Shaman
Public Attitudes on the Use of Animals in the Japanese Media
Ike Sharpless
Writing Animal Welfare into WTO Law: Assessing the Merits with Stakeholder Interviews


Marcie Berry
Shooting Wildlife: The Influence of Wildlife and Nature Photography on Public Policy
Emily Skalet
Beyond Depictions: Live Animals in Contemporary Art
Amy Snyder
Cultural Preservation amidst a Modernizing Ideology: A Case Study of China's Bear Bile Farming Industry
Fabien Tepper
An Ethical Analysis of Compound 1080 as a Coyote Poison


Lisa Brown
Animalities: Curriculum Guide for a Graduate Seminar on Animals, Art and Public Policy
Jared Milrad
A Fundamental Nexus: Animals and Genocide from an International Policy Perspective
Rebecca Silverstein
Applying the Court-Appointed Special Advocate Model to Dogs in the Legal System


Debra MacLaren
Meat Messages: a Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of the Messages Found in Meat Advertisements in US Magazines


Lisa Baruzzi
The Power of Story: the Development of Animals in Literature Courses in Liberal Arts Colleges


Hayley Glaholt
Animal Blessing Ceremonies in Christian and Non-Denominational Congregations
Megan Hemperly
Wo.Manly Pursuits: The Voice of the Female Hunter
Dana Zenko
The Perfect Menu: Non-Human Animals in the Diet of Contemporary New England Utopian Communities


Kate Nattrass
Animal Protection in the German constitution: Social Development and Legal Implications
Nina Shah
Risk Analysis of rbST in the US and EU: The Role of Political Factors and Animal Welfare
Maria Vaca-Guzman
Animal Hoarders' Accounts


Kathleen Allspaw
Engaging the public in the regulation of xenotransplantation: Would the Canadian Model of Public Consultation be Effective in the US


Susanne Abromaitis
Inviting Politics to Dinner: An Eco-feminist Analysis of Meat Eating


Amalia Santiago
Children's Attitudes Towards Meat and Diet


Daniel Kossow
Where Non-human Animals Stand in the Public Eye: Public Opinion of Non-human Animals from Past to Present


Dena Jones
Characteristics Associated with Voting on Statewide Ballot Measures Affecting Animals