Animals in Research

Education and Reform

By exploring the policies and practices involving use of animals in education, research, and testing, and seeking methods for change, the Center for Animals and Public Policy encourages the reduction, refinement, and replacement of animal use.

Faculty and students at the Center conduct research on methods for assessment and alleviation of pain and distress in animals, educate laboratory animal scientists and health care workers about the latest  measures to improve the welfare of animals used in research, and, under the auspices of the Tufts Refinement Initiative, develop and evaluate non-harmful alternatives to the use of animals in DVM training. The DVM/MS in Laboratory Animal Medicine program is enhanced by CAPP faculty expertise in pain medicine, and MAPP and DVM/MS–LAM students participate jointly in elective courses in the assessment of animal welfare.


CAPP faculty and students collaborate in important research projects that impact the health and welfare of animals in research.