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ACE (Accelerated Clinical Excellence) Program

Clinical Projects in ACE Program and Signature Opportunity

Clinical Research Projects

  • Dr. Borns-Weil
    • Role of oxytocin in treating intercat household aggression
    • Retrospective study of the use of buspirone an adjunctive treatment for fear aggression in dogs
    • Prospective double-blind, placebo-control study of the effect of DAP pheromones on reducing signs of stress and anxiety in oncology patients
  • Dr. Fellman
    • Assessment of T cell responses in dogs treated for IMHA
    • Assessment of T cell responses to E. cuniculi infection in rabbits
    • Pharmacokinetics of ampicillin in dogs with kidney disease
  • Dr. Freeman
    • Nutrition-related studies (especially nutrition and heart disease)
  • Dr. Graham
    • Reproductive suppression in chickens
    • Clinically relevant projects concerning ZCAM species
  • Dr. Labato
    • Urinary and dialysis studies
    • Also can participate in dialysis team for selective or elective credit
  • Dr. McCarthy
    • Comparison of vasectomy/hysterectomy vs spay/neuter for feral cat control (computer modeling study)
  • Dr. Rush
    • Retrospective study of cats with congestive heart failure given sildenafil
  • Dr. Annie Wayne
    • Infection control and antimicrobial stewardship projects
  • Dr. Vicky Yang
    • Studying mitral valve interstitial cells from dogs with myxomatous mitral valve disease
    • Investigating cardiovascular reactions to chemotherapy drugs

Most ACE Program Faculty have other possibilities for clinical research projects. To investigate other possible projects, see the list of ACE faculty in your area of interest or contact Dr. Annie Wayne to help match you up with a faculty member.