Wildlife and Conservation Medicine Signature Opportunity

We believe in the importance of all creatures, and in the relationship they bear to the biosphere. By emphasizing the significance of health across the broadest spectrum of the animal kingdom and the environment in which they live, the school expresses its academic commitment to ecological citizenship.

Built upon the strengths provided by the Tufts Wildlife Medicine Program and the Tufts Center for Conservation Medicine, the Wildlife and Conservation Medicine Signature Opportunity pro­vides a rich learning environment for students who are concerned with wildlife health and preservation, habitat and species diversity, conservation biology, ecological issues and natural resources.

The Wildlife and Conservation Medicine Signature Opportunity is designed to:

  • Teach the clinical skills required for the medi­cal and surgical care and management of wildlife.
  • Provide an understanding of the larger role veterinarians can play in conserva­tion biology and to develop an understanding and respect for the habits of wild animals and the environmental conditions in which they live.
  • Develop a philosophical commitment to teaching the public a similar understanding and respect and to sharing their sense of compassion for animals in the wild.

The goals of the Signature Opportunity in Wildlife and Conservation Medicine are to:

  • Educate and engage all veterinary students in the practice of wildlife medicine as well as the larger ethical and conservation issues that impact wildlife individuals and populations.
  • Provide additional didactic and experiential learning opportunities for those veterinary students who wish to pursue more specific interests in wildlife and conservation medicine.
  • Advance knowledge in the fields of wildlife and conservation medicine through high quality student research activities with the goals of improving the well being of wildlife as well as domestic animals and people.
  • Provide mentorship for veterinary students who wish to pursue careers in wildlife and conservation medicine.
  • Collaborate on wildlife-related issues with other TCSVM programs including International Veterinary Medicine, the Center for Animals and Public Policy and many outside institutions.