Ever Wonder?

Do you ever wonder how falcons hunt? Cummings School faculty member Maureen Murray explains in this short video.

Ready for Takeoff

New flight cage gives injured birds a place to heal

Safe Rodent Control

What you need to know about common household poisons

Caring for Wildlife When Nature Turns Nasty

Record snowfall and cold bring historic numbers of stranded seabirds and waterfowl to Tufts Wildlife Clinic

Tufts Wildlife Clinic supports the New England region by providing medical care and rehabilitation for wildlife patients with the goal of release back into the wild.  Tufts Wildlife specialists advance knowledge in the fields of wildlife and conservation medicine through high quality research activities with the goal of improving the well-being of wildlife individuals and populations.

Found Injured Wildlife?

If you found injured wildlife and are wondering what to do, check out our Frequently Asked Questions for guidance.

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Looking to Volunteer?

Our volunteers perform a variety of services for the Clinic. Our animal room volunteers are the backbone of the Clinic workforce.

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