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Take Shade: Preventing Heat-Related Illness

Friday, January, 2nd, 2015 Cat CVMC Dog Exotic Owner Education

Summer is almost upon us and with temperatures reaching 80 to 90 degrees on many New England days, it is important to keep in mind how heat can affect our furry four-legged friends. Heat-related illness can take one of two forms: heat exhaustion or heat stroke. Heat exhaustion is the first phase of illness, but Read More

Summer Water Safety for Your Pet

Wednesday, December, 31st, 2014 Cat CVMC Dog Exotic Owner Education

Dogs and Water Safety Many breeds of dogs are natural born swimmers, while others, like the pug or bulldog, are not and will need to be watched more closely. Also, puppies are generally not good swimmers and should be kept away from water and older dogs may have health issues not conducive to swimming. Pool Read More