What to Bring

Wondering what to bring with you when you start veterinary school? Here is a partial list of things you might want to get before starting classes. Why not send your family and friends this link? They make great graduation, birthday and holiday gifts!

The Cummings School offers a wide range of technology in the classroom. Students suggest that you do not need to get the latest and greatest laptop. You just need one that "runs Powerpoint, Office, and can access the internet with relative ease. There is no preference of Apple versus PCs, so buy what you’re comfortable with."
Backpack or Large Tote Bag
"You will be assigned a locker, but classes are in different buildings around campus, so you’ll find the need to lug things around."
Combination Lock
Speaking of lockers... "They do not come with a lock, so you will need to furnish your own. The anatomy lockers, however, have locks provided. Prepare to memorize many random numbers!"
School Supplies
According to current students, "this is kind of a no-brainer for students like us who have been at this for a few years. However, don’t forget that you will need things like highlighters/pens/pencils/paper."
Colored Pencils
"These are a must for your anatomy lectures, for color-coding muscles and nerves in the syllabus, and for the diagrams you will be required to draw on exams. You may also want to use them in Histology labs. Some students prefer a lot of variety, but your standard 12 pencil set should cut it. Don’t forget to get a sharpener and a snazzy pencil case too!"
You will need a calculator for "Feeds and Feeding, Physiology, and Comparative Anatomy. Bring a scientific one that can do exponential functions."
Plastic Sheet Protectors
Anatomy labs can get messy! Protect diagrams, handouts, and notes from "getting slimed in lab."
Dissection kit
The essentials for your kit: one scalpel handle, at least one probe, forceps, a pair of scissors, hemostats, and oodles of #10 or #15 scalpel blades. According to current students, "don’t worry about getting a fancy dissection kit. Just get the basics and make sure you don’t lose them."

Of course you will need other things. This is just a small list. You will receive lots of information before you arrive on campus for the start of your first semester!