Summer Research Training Program Responsibilities

Summer Research Training Program students are required to:

  • Work full time and participate in other departmental activities (such as journal club and seminars) and scheduled seminars.
  • Attend an orientation of formalized presentations on the Cummings School campus, and appointment sessions in April or May.
  • Submit three copies and an electronic copy of written report which conforms to the styles of a scientific journal of choice, and a questionnaire in September.
  • Present his or her work at the Research Day to be held in October on the Cummings School campus.

Students will receive announcements for each of the dates above. The Research Day will include student presentations, a presentation of a certificate to all Summer Research Training Program students, and prizes for the top three projects in each of the following categories: Field Studies, Clinical Studies and Basic Sciences. The prizes ($400 for each category) will be awarded by the Dean and program director.