Summer Research Training Program Mentors

The success of the Summer Research Training Program depends on active participation by mentors in all phases of the training process. A mentor is likely to provide the best possible training if the student is involved in their area of research. If a student plans to conduct research off campus, the mentor must still be a Cummings School faculty member. With this in mind the following guidelines are recommended to mentors:

  • A mentor should provide supervision during all phases of the proposed study: preparation of the application, obtaining animal welfare approval, data gathering procedures, data analysis, and preparation of the written report and oral presentation for Research Day. To maximize student-mentor interactions during the training period each mentor is eligible to sponsor a maximum of two students per year.
  • A mentor should sponsor students planning to conduct studies only in his or her area of research. If a study should require expertise of other faculty they should be made a part of the mentoring team with the primary mentor being responsible for the overall supervision. Such an arrangement should allow for a broader research exposure for the student as well as for the development of collaborations among mentors.
  • The program does not provide any fund for supplies that may be needed to conduct the proposed study. Thus, the mentor should assure the availability of funds needed to complete the project before sponsoring a student.
  • Each mentor should encourage students to present the work at a national scientific meeting. The program will provide funding for attending such meetings.
  • In the event that the work done by the student is published, please acknowledge that the student was supported, in part, by a NIH Short-term Training Grant (T35 OD010963), MAF Veterinary Student Scholar Program or Merial Veterinary Scholars Program as the case may be. Please send a copy of the published article to the program director.
  • It is important that each mentor makes it a priority to attend Research Day. The presence of the mentor during the presentation encourages students and boosts their morale.