Summer Research Training Program Application

Applicants to the Summer Research Training Program should have successfully completed at least one semester at the Cummings School and be in good academic standing with a cumulative GPA of no less than 2.75. Additionally, applicants must be citizens or non-citizen nationals of the United States or must have been lawfully admitted for permanent residency. Students enrolled in a PhD program or who hold MS or PhD degrees in the health sciences are not eligible.


December 15
A letter of intent from the applicant and his or her mentor must be submitted to the program director by December 15.
January 15
A draft proposal must be submitted to the applicant's mentor by January 15.
Janurary 31
The final proposal with all the signatures must be submitted to the program director by January 31.

Application Procedure

One electronic copy of the research proposal must be submitted to the program director by January 31. The applicant is required to prepare the proposal with input from his or her mentor. Under no circumstances should the mentor prepare the application as it is part of the training process.

Evaluation of Research Proposals

Evaluation of each research proposal will be based on the following criteria:

  • Is the justification and rationale for the proposed hypothesis or study clearly stated?
  • Are the methodologies appropriate for the study?
  • Can the project be satisfactorily completed during the summer time period?

Each criteria will be rated between 1–4; with the corresponding qualitative descriptors are as follows:

  1. Excellent
  2. Good
  3. Satisfactory
  4. Poor

The sum should be divided by 3 to obtain the final score.