NCRR Research Training Program Proposed Training

Advertising, Recruitment and Admissions

All incoming as well as matriculated veterinary students will be contacted at the beginning of each academic year to invite applications to participate in the NCRR Research Training Program. First year students will have been told about the program during the admissions process to the veterinary school. Information about the program is incorporated as part of the Cumming's School admissions mailings to all applicants to the veterinary school. In addition, the program is advertised via notices to matriculated students over the internet as well as by posting hard copies of about the program on campus. First and second year students will have the program specifics presented during Dean's hour each fall.

The annual deadline for applications to the program is March, 1. See the Application page for more information. Applicants will have completed a minimum of one year of veterinary school prior to entrance into the program, but may not have graduated. Applications are reviewed by the Program Committee, and applicants notified of their acceptance by April, 15. Program participants will begin their traineeship on June, 1. Students can enter the program after their first, second or fourth year of veterinary school.

Course Work and Training Opportunities

The primary emphasis of this training program will focus on direct laboratory research experience. However, in addition to the involvement in laboratory research, students will take one mini-course during their training in the fall semester. This course entitled The Fundamentals of Animal Research will examine a combination of issues relevant to animal and laboratory research. These topics include:

  • research ethics,
  • research methods and design, and
  • statistical analysis.

The course will meet weekly for two hours and will be team-taught by program faculty. All trainees will participate in the weekly laboratory meetings of their mentors as well as attend the bimonthly seminar series offered by the Department of Biomedical Sciences. Upon completion of their traineeships, all students will present their research project and findings at the annual Research Day.


All trainees that complete the twelve-month training will receive a Certificate at commencement that recognizes their participation in this program. This certificate will acknowledge their involvement in research in biomedical veterinary sciences and in this training program.