NCRR Research Training Program

There is a need for veterinarians with research training to participate in academic as well as corporate based research in the fields of animal and human health. It is crucial for 21st century veterinarians to acquire the scientific skills and technical training together with the conceptual framework to participate both as independent researchers and collaborators to meet the projected research needs in biomedical sciences.

The objective of the NCRR Research Training Program is to provide bright and highly-motivated veterinary students with a one year, in-depth research experience in a productive and active research setting that uses animal models to develop skills at hypothesis-based, biomedical research. The longer-term objective is to make this training experience a launching pad for career involvement in research for Cummings School veterinary students. The school is addressing these objectives through the implementation of a new NIH training grant for veterinary students that will enable them to spend a year working intensively in a biomedical research laboratory.