NCRR Research Training Program Faculty

The NCRR Research Training Program is run by Dr. Robert Bridges, the program director, with the assistance of a program committee that includes two program members, Dr. Lisa Freeman, a professor in the Department of Clinical Sciences, and Dr. Arthur Donohue-Rolfe, and associate professor in the Department of Biomedical Sciences. The committee coordinates all aspects of the program, including the recruitment of trainees, selection of trainees, overseeing the training program, and establishment of trainee research committees.

The program faculty presently is made up of Cummings School faculty members from each of three departments: Biomedical Sciences, Clinical Sciences, and Environmental and Population Health. The selection of program faculty is based upon the track records of each faculty member in obtaining extramural research funding, and their prior mentoring experience. Presently, 16 of the 17 faculty have active NIH or USDA funding, while one faculty member exclusively has corporate funding.