Shelter Medicine Program Faculty and Staff

Program Staff

Dr. Emily McCobb
  • Dr. Emily McCobb, Program Director

Clinic Technical Staff

  • Stephanie Cote CVT, VTS-Anesthesia, Clinic Administrator of the Lerner Spay/Neuter Clinic
  • Kerri Forrest CVT, Spay Lab Technician
  • Paula Dryden, CVT, Clinic Coordinator

Participating Faculty

  • Dr. April Paul, Tufts VETS
  • Dr. Julie Bailey
  • Dr. Jack Hawkes
  • Dr. Martha Smith, Animal Rescue League of Boston
  • Dr. Amy Marder, Center for Shelter Dogs
  • Dr. Sheilah d'Arpino, Center for Shelter Dogs
  • Dr. Brenda Salinardi, Tufts VETS
  • Dr. Jean Joo
  • Dr. Lara Helwig
  • Dr. Joann Lindenmayer
  • Dr. Elizabeth Rozanski
  • Dr. Jean Mukherjee


  • Elizabeth Evans, Feral Cat Clinic Coordinator
  • Libby Hanrahan, Second Chance Fund for Animal Welfare, Feral Cat Clinic Scheduler
  • Nancy Meyer, Feral Cat Clinic Admissions and Discharge