Seasons Greetings

2012 Cummings School Holiday Card

Wishing you the
Joy of the Seasons
and the
Best for the New Year

Dean Deborah Kochevar,
the Faculty, Staff and Students
of the Cummings School

Meet "Boo" - Our Greeting Card Cover Dog

Shih Tzu puppy "Boo" was successfully treated at Tufts Foster Hospital for Small Animals for a patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) , a congenital malformation of the cardiovascular system, a condition that also affects children. Approximately 50 percent of dogs with PDA who go untreated as puppies will die within the first year of life, and most who survive will develop heart failure by middle-age. Boo’s visit to the Foster Hospital was overseen by veterinary cardiologist Dr. John Rush, who used interventional radiology, an innovative and minimally invasive procedure, to stop blood flow through the PDA. Boo responded positively to treatment and now lives an active and healthy lifestyle.

Boo is making the most of her "second lease on life" becoming a pet therapy dog and a member of Tufts’ Paws for People organization. She is a frequent visitor with the elderly in skilled nursing facilities as well as with children participating in the R.E.A.D. program. Boo adores children and especially enjoys encouraging them to read or to do a variety of important physical and occupational therapies.

Boo is cherished by her family who is incredibly thankful to the Cummings School for saving her life and giving her a chance to help others in need.