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Monetary Opportunities From SAVMA

Tufts SCAVMA Travel Grant

The Tufts SCAVMA Travel and Externship Grant is funded by the Tufts Student Chapter of the American Veterinary Medical Association.

The scholarship is awarded to deserving SCAVMA members who demonstrate a strong desire to do veterinary school related travel during their 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th year of school. Scholarships are usually $250 and winners are announced during the April SCAVMA lunch talk.

Applications may be submitted by either email or hard copy to Lillian Maselli, Room 215 Admin Bldg. Lillian will remove any personal identifying information from the applications and the SCAVMA board will then rate the applications. Previous winners are ineligible.

2011 & 2012 winners
2012 Grant guidelines
2012 Grant application

Deadline: April 4, 2012
Submit application to: Lillian Maselli

AVMF Veterinary and Winn Feline Scholarships

The American Veterinary Medical Foundation awards scholarships to 1st, 2nd, and 3rd year students attending accredited colleges of veterinary medicine in the United States. In addition to the AVMF scholarships, one applicant will be selected to receive a $2,500 scholarship from the Winn Feline Foundation. This award will be given to a 3rd or 4th year veterinary student who demonstrates a keen interest in cats.

Scholarship Guidelines

Deadline: February 2013
Submit application at:

Integrative Communications and Diversity Committee Awards

"Communicating the Many Facets of Veterinary Medicine"
Up to four PR grants, totaling $1,200 are awarded to student groups completing projects that promote the veterinary medical profession to the public or provide outreach to the community. Up to four grants will be awarded at the SAVMA Symposium in March 2013.


Deadline: December 2012
Submit application to: Emily Colwell

"Cultural Diversity Awareness Grant"
Up to two grants totaling $500 will be awarded at the AVMA Convention in August 2012.


Deadline: December 2012
Submit application to: Christine Hsueh

Education and Professional Development Committee Awards

Economics Issue Essay Contest
Economics play a large role in our professional lives. Between increasing class sizes, rising student debt levels, diminishing job offers, and the Great Recession, it is undoubtedly critical that veterinary students are adept to these economic issues now more than ever. Thus, we are now offering $250 prizes for the two best essays describing an economic issue you feel is affecting veterinary students and/or the veterinary profession as a whole. The essay should also include at least one proposed solution on how this issue may be remedied. This year's contest will open in late fall 2012, and will close toward the end of the fall semester. Further details will be announced in the coming months.


Deadline: Fall 2012
Submit application to: SAVMA EPDC

Presidential Sponsorship Award
The committee is happy to provide this award for a third year. This award is designed to provide more students the opportunity to attend the annual SAVMA Symposium and AVMA Convention, particularly SCAVMA presidents and president-elects. To this purpose, we will be distributing four $250 awards. Information will become available in November 2012 and application submissions will be due in December 2012.

Extracurricular Funding Grant
The purpose of this grant is to provide veterinary student organizations funding for wet labs or lectures supplementing their college's curriculum. Our vision for this grant is for student organization or clubs to design either a lecture and/or wet lab for a topic that students would not otherwise be exposed to in their current curriculum. We offer three $250 grants, awarded in the fall and spring terms.


Deadline: November 9, 2012
Submit application to: Melena McClure

Government Affairs Committee Awards

Policy Awareness Grant
An award intended to fund policy-related lectures and/or events supplementing the college's curriculum.


Deadline: October 2012
Submit application to: Jacquelyn Faulkner

Animal Welfare/Human-Animal Bond Committee Awards

Animal Welfare/Human-Animal Bond Grant Program


Deadline: March 15, 2013
Submit application to: SAVMA AWHAB

Public Health and Community Outreach Committee Awards

Disaster Preparedness Grant


Undeserved Area/Youth Interest Stipend


Deadline: March 10, 2013
Submit application to: SAVMA PHCOC

International Veterinary Exchange Committee Awards

IVSA Chapter Awards


International Exchange Scholarship


Deadline: February 1, 2013
Submit application to: SAVMA IVEC

The Vet Gazette Prizes

The Vet Gazette, the official journal of the Student AVMA, awards prizes for content submitted in the categories Forum, Life As a Vet Student, Trivia, Creative Corner, Experiences, and Foot in Mouth Disease. The best submission in each category will receive $100; honorable mention recipients are awarded $20 each. In addition, the overall best submission will receive an additional $100 and the SAVMA chapter with the most submissions will receive $200. For more information, check out The Vet Gazette.

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