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Tufts SCAVMA is the Tufts Student Chapter of the American Veterinary Medical Association. The American Veterinary Medical Association is one of the largest and oldest not-for-profit associations for veterinarians in the world, representing over 75,000 veterinarians practicing in a wide variety of areas.

[+] What does SCAVMA do?

  1. SCAVMA is the umbrella organization and major source of funding for all the other clubs on campus.
  2. SCAVMA runs the campus store, which sells all of the general Tufts Cummings Veterinary School merchandise. We also sell merchandise at campus events like Open House and Parent's Day.
  3. Many SCAVMA events support the Travis Fund.
  4. SCAVMA organizes board reviews for students in the fall of their 4th year.
  5. SCAVMA provides a wealth of networking opportunities, with both on-campus and off-campus professionals.
  6. SCAVMA organizes and funds students' trips to the SAVMA Symposium, the largest conference intended specifically for veterinary students.
  7. SCAVMA works closely in collaboration with the MVMA (Massachusetts Veterinary Medical Association).
  8. SCAVMA delegates connect members with a large number of scholarship, loan and grant opportunities.

[+] What events does SCAVMA sponsor?

  1. First Friday social events each month at area bars and restaurants (SCAVMA membership card required)
  2. Lunchtime talks regarding professional development
  3. A barbeque at the beginning of fall term to introduce new students to the clubs on campus
  4. The annual Fur Ball (winter white party)
  5. The 3rd year kick-off party
  6. A barbeque at the end of the spring semester
  7. Community service activities, including blood drives and the Relay for Life
  8. Product/Career Day
  9. The fall dog wash
  10. The SCAVMA Spring Festival, in conjunction with the Westborough Rotary Club's Spring Festival. This event includes a 5K run with pets, contests, informational booths and a dog wash.

[+] What are the benefits of joining SCAVMA?

  1. Tufts SCAVMA Benefits:
    • Free syllabus or Elms Cafe gift card each year
    • Free registration and hotel accommodations for SAVMA symposium
    • Eligible for Tufts SCAVMA Travel Grants, granted to at least ten students annually
    • Information about scholarships and other monetary opportunities delivered directly from the Tufts SAVMA delegates
    • Access to SCAVMA events, such as lunch talks, 4th year board reviews and much, much more!

  2. Student AVMA Benefits:
    • Annual Student AVMA Educational Symposium
    • Free subscription to The Vet Gazette (Journal of the Student AVMA)
    • Funds for the Navajo Indian Reservation externship
    • IVSA student-abroad exchange program
    • Scholarships, grants, and other monetary opportunities
    • Information concerning relevant veterinary issues through your Student AVMA Delegate

  3. AVMA Benefits (maximized with SCAVMA membership during third and fourth years of school):
    • Reduced subscription rates ($40/year) to the Journal of the AVMA (JAVMA) and American Journal of Veterinary Research (AJVR)
    • Free advanced registration to the annual AVMA meeting, and reduced registration for all other AVMA symposia
    • Access to the AVMA Auxiliary Student Loan Fund (up to $8,000) as well as the AVM Foundation scholarship
    • Health, accident, life, and professional liability insurance through the AVMA Insurance Trust.
    • AVMA's Veterinary Career Center provides job listings and allows you to post your resume for worldwide exposure.
    • Access to listings of post-graduate programs, externships, and internships - private, public, and corporate.
    • Information on starting salaries and benefits, how to evaluate your first practice position, demographics on the profession, and the variety of veterinary careers.
    • Counseling on how to negotiate salary and benefits.
    • Computer-linked communication with other veterinary school students through the Network of Animal Health (NOAH).
    • Reduced membership rates to the AVMA for 2 years after graduation (saving up to $175 over 3 years).
    • Savings of up to 8% off home or car insurance.

[+] How do I become a SCAVMA member in good standing?

  1. Pay annual $23 SCAVMA membership & $12 SAVMA membership dues.
  2. Serve on a SCAVMA Committee for two years and fulfill delegated duties.
  3. Attend SCAVMA meetings.
Online Registration

To register, follow the link for "International or First Time SAVMA user" and forward your confirmation page to The deadline this year is October 1, 2013.

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