Room Reservation Policy

The list of rooms on the Room Resources page are available upon request to Cummings School faculty, staff and students. The school asks that rooms be cleaned—and all tables and chairs shall be returned to their correct positions—after their use.

Please be considerate of others who might have the room after you by making sure that everyone who used the room has departed by the end of the reserved time. Do not assume that if a room is vacant you may use it. Please call the room manager to confirm and reserve a room.

If you are using the room after 5:00pm on weekdays, on weekends, or on holidays, you must notify Campus Police (extension 8-4900) about your meeting.

If you require any of the following for your reservation, please contact the appropriate individuals or departments:

Alcoholic Beverages
Campus Police at extension 8-4900
Barbara Berman at extension 8-4725 (students only)
Tables and Chairs
Mary Maguire-Zipp at extension 8-7921
Video Equipment
Educational Media at extension 8-4837