Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University is extremely proud of the achievements and ongoing work of the faculty, staff and students performing research on our campus and internationally with investigators from other universities, teaching hospitals and industry. Our projects are producing advances that are improving the health of domestic and wild animals, people, the environment and the food we consume.

The research atmosphere at Cummings School is one that uses our knowledge of the differences between species to make discoveries that could benefit many species, including man—the essence of Comparative Medicine. For we understand that in research, there is little distinction between animals and human health—it is all about health. At the Cummings School, we are creating new knowledge through research and applying new concepts to benefit our patients.

Some of our scientists are making discoveries in the very basic mechanisms of disease development and transmission. The tools they create are often used by other researchers around the globe. Others are developing new methods of preventing and treating diseases by testing their hypotheses for efficacy and safety in animal models. Many of our faculty members also carry out clinical research in our leading teaching hospitals. Still others are taking new discoveries and concepts to the field, making the environment healthier. The process of research is serious work and the common goal of that work is the tie that binds us—the improvement of health.

We encourage you to explore our site and find out more about the research we do, how it integrates into our academic mission, and meet the dedicated scientists and technicians who devote their lives to the care of animals and improvement of their health.