Naming Opportunities

In addition to the satisfaction that comes from directly improving the services we can offer to our community, the Tufts Veterinary Hospitals renovation offers to our friends a wide range of naming opportunities as well as naming gifts to honor and remember loved ones. The renovation provides a once-in-a-generation occasion for friends of the hospital to show their support in a visible way that will be seen by tens of thousands of visitors to the campus.

If you are interested in making a naming gift as part of the renovation initiative, please contact Ana Alvarado, Senior Director of Development and Alumni Relations at the Cummings School, at 508-839-7905 or email Ana at

Naming Opportunities
Gift Amount
Patient Lobby$2,000,000 - COMMITTED
Cat Reception$500,000
Dog Reception$500,000
Seating Clusters$25,000
Diagnostic Imaging Center$2,000,000
Teaching Lab$100,000
Student Rounds Room$100,000
Imaging Consultation$100,000
Imaging Patient Holding$100,000
Imaging Interpretation Center$100,000
Memorial Contemplative Garden$1,000,000
Reflection Room$200,000
Naming Opportunities
Gift Amount
Specialty Services 
Neurology Suite & Treatment Area$150,000 each
Dermatology Suite & Treatment Area$150,000 each
Cardiology Suite & Treatment Area$150,000 each
Behavior Consultation Room$150,000
Ophthalmology Treatment Room$100,000
Ophthalmology Suite$50,000 - COMMITTED
Hospital Services 
Communication Center$150,000
Client Service Hub$250,000
Client Communications Room (Liaison)$25,000
Medical Records$25,000
Phlebotomy Room$25,000
Other Client Service and Support Areas 
Conference Center (Upstairs)$250,000
Patient Consultation 
Exam Rooms (4; 1 COMMITTED)$25,000 each
Exam Rooms (3)$50,000 each
Exam Rooms (5; 1 COMMITTED)$100,000 each