The Master Plan

The renovation of the Henry and Lois Foster Hospital for Small Animals is the first phase of a hospital master plan. The larger plan includes more extensive renovation and expansion of the small animal hospital, based on best practices for veterinary teaching hospitals, expected caseload growth, and anticipated new hospital programs.

The hospital master plan establishes - on the conceptual level - the size, nature, and general layout of future clinical and academic department space needed to treat patients and teach students in the Tufts Veterinary Hospitals for the next 30 years. It specifies a long-range program for phased growth of the Foster Hospital.

The master plan envisions the following:

  1. A new, bright west office wing to support collaborative faculty research
  2. Improved small animal exam rooms, treatment areas, and ward space
  3. Support areas located for efficient workflow

The plan also shows options for renewing the space of the Hospital for Large Animals, including a new four-building Equine Sports Medicine complex, with an event arena, that will welcome clients.

Birds Eye View - Master Plan
Bird's Eye View
Master Plan for Tufts Veterinary Hospitals Map of Master Plan
Master Plan for Tufts Veterinary Hospitals
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