Tufts Veterinary Magazine - Winter 2014

Winter 2014 Volume 15 Number 1

Winter 2014 Cover


Cell Cure
Alumnus Raimon Duran-Struuck is working on a novel transplant therapy that could hold great promise for human and animal medicine.
By David Stipp
The Old Men and the Sea
Through photographs and personal stories, conservation medicine alumna documents the end of the whaling industry in the Azores.
By Gemina Garland-Lewis
The Healers
In schools, nursing homes and hospitals, specially trained pets provide TLC and companionship.
By Genevieve Rajewski
The Most Important Disease You’ve Never Heard Of (Cover Story)
The infection caused by a water-dwelling worm is ruining millions of lives and dragging down national economies. Tufts is among a handful of institutions in the world hunting for a cure.
By Jacqueline Mitchell
Sleep Tight
The chances your pet will require anesthesia at some point in its life are much higher than your own. Our veterinarians offer some advice for navigating the procedure.
By Genevieve Rajewski


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