Tufts Veterinary Magazine - Winter 2013

Winter 2013 Volume 14 Number 1

Winter 2013 Cover


Animal School
Providing subsidized care in a veterinary clinic housed in a vocational school? Now that’s a community enterprise that benefits students and pet owners.
By Genevieve Rajewski
Rime of a Modern-day Mariner
"A good way to spend a life" is how marine ecologist Heidi Weiskel describes her work to protect animals and their habitats.
By Linda Hall
The Hurt Unlocker (Cover story)
Treating people in pain is complicated enough. Veterinarians face an additional hurdle: Their patients can’t put words to their discomfort.
By Genevieve Rajewski
The Old Gray Mare
Twenty years used to be the normal life span for a horse, but advances in geriatric equine medicine have this senior set remaining healthy and even athletic into their 30s and beyond.
By Michael Blanding
You Can't Resist
Experts debate the use of antibiotics in meat production to make sure drug-defiant super bugs don’t have us for dinner.
By Linda Hall


Iditarod Vet
Old Horses
A Better Mousetrap


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Cover illustration: Vivienne Flesher
Back cover photograph by Alonso Nichols

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