Tufts Paws for People: Testimonials

Fancy always makes me smile, and I love her big black spots.

Mary, Resident of Knollwod Nursing Center

The reason I wanted to read to Kuma is I love spending time with animals and I think it's a really nice idea to be able to read to one. I like to read to Kuma because he is a really big dog but he is also very gentle.

Abigail, a 7 year old who participated in the READ program in Shrewsbury, MA

Having Nemo come visit us is a great experience. I taught him a few tricks, like playing dead. Having Sue and Nemo come visit helps me to train my dog. Sue helps by demonstrating ways to train. I really enjoy when Sue brings Nemo to the house. It reminds me of my dogs! Thanks to both Sue and Nemo.

Adolescent boy at YOU Inc.

I do therapy dog visits because it allows me time with my dogs as well as volunteering time to my community. It gives me such pride to see my dogs think and react to the situations which occur and pleasure to see the happiness they bring to others. My dogs and I visit adolescents, many of which have been through the foster system and have seldom received or given love. Watching these teens be able to show and receive affection, something that has been so limited in their lives, makes the time that I volunteer all worthwhile.

Sue Marino, Tufts Paws for People Steering Committee Member