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For Pet Owners

Next to getting and staying well, you want your beloved friend to have comfort. From our latest efforts to provide soft patient hospital beds to our latest discoveries, we have comfort as a primary goal for your pet too. You may not need a pain specialist, but you might be interested to know that behind the scenes, the physical and emotional comfort of your pet is a unifying goal of our technical staff.

Frequently asked questions about the PCRS:
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What is a veterinary pain specialist?

What does a typical PCRS consultation involve?

What is a history, and how can I best prepare for the visit?

What sort of treatments can be offered to treat pain?

What type of diagnostic testing may be involved with a pain service consultation?

What if I am unable to bring my pet to the Veterinary School for evaluation?

How do I know if my pet is in pain? Coming soon...

Acute pain may be experienced after surgery or injury, or in some diseases (such as pancreatitis). Coming soon...

Chronic pain can occur in animals with arthritis, cancer and other conditions. Coming soon...



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