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About PCRS

We are:

- a service created especially for veterinary patients with painful conditions that have proven difficult to manage using standard analgesic regimens

We offer:

- a multidisciplinary approach to pain, blending the expertise of anesthesiologists, surgeons, oncologists, neurologists, physical therapists and complementary/alternative medicine practitioners
- thorough patient assessment with emphasis on defining the cause, type and intensity of pain; diagnostic evaluation or imaging when needed
- treatment options that include individualized blending of traditional and non-conventional new analgesic drug regimens, physical therapy modalities, palliative interventions, complementary techniques and owner counseling
- a treatment plan that is based on the owner’s capabilities and expectations, working with the primary care veterinarian in the loop
- the option of fax and telephone consultation services for veterinarians, when travel to our clinic isn’t feasible

Who could benefit?

- patients with osteoarthritis that cannot be managed with NSAIDs
- patients with pain that is sustained longer than is expected after surgery
- patients with intolerable pain from medical conditions or major trauma
- any patient with terminal disease (cancer, organ failure) where pain significantly impairs their quality of life

We also offer:

- continuing education seminars for referring veterinarians and their staff, and in-hospital training in pain prevention or intervention regimens for veterinarians

Our Faculty and Staff

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