Open House Activities

Ask the Vet

Treadmill Room, Hospital for Large Animals

Some specialties represented will include:

  • Exotic Animal Medicine
  • Radiation Oncology
  • Small Animal Nutrition and Obesity Clinic
  • Crimes Against Canines
  • Dermatology
  • Internal medicine for Small Animals
  • Dialysis for dogs and cats
  • Equine Internal Medicine

Radiology exhibit includes:

  • Ultrasound demo
  • Count the babies
  • Captivating radiographs

Wingmasters Birds of Prey

Agnes Varis Lecture Hall

Birds of prey, also known as raptors, hunt and feed on other animals. These birds are characterized by keen vision that allows them to detect prey during flight, as well as their powerful talons and beaks. Raptors perform an important function at the top of our fragile food chain, keeping prey populations in check. Around the world, many raptor populations are declining due to human interference. Their future depends on us. If we give them time to adjust to the ever-growing urbanization, set aside places for them to live and teach our children to respect and admire their beauty, we can all live together.

McGrath Lab Animal Anatomy and Plastination Display

McGrath Anatomy Building

  • Skeletons of a horse, tiger, dog and more!
  • Skull comparisons from largest to smallest including a horse, dog, pig, ferret and more!
  • See how horses’ legs are put together.
  • See organs from the inside out!
  • Plastinated samples of horses and dogs.

Plastination, introduced to many people by the “Body Worlds” exhibitions, is a technique which replaces water in a tissue specimen with silicone rubber, thereby preserving it indefinitely without shrinking or drying. Plastinated specimens are used to teach anatomy to first-year Cummings School veterinary students.

You Be the Vet

Lerner Spay/Neuter Clinic

Kids can come dress up and perform mock spay surgeries as they learn about pet population control. Be sure to bring your cameras!


Come for the fun activities and learning experiences!

  • AAEP – horseshoe painting and horse games
  • AAFP – face painting
  • Adventures in Veterinary Medicine (AVM)
  • Alpha Psi
  • ASLAP – mouse hats, solving rodent mazes
  • Avian Vet Students – “Birds in your backyard”
  • Biomed-MCG – skeletons, plastinated specimens
  • Clinical Pathology – microscopic fun!
  • Cummings Admission Information
  • Cummings Research Biosafety Committee
  • Cummings Human Resources
  • CVM – baked goods
  • Diagnostic Imaging Club – radiology safety
  • Diversity Council – coloring, balloon animals
  • IBC – Dr. Sawkat Anwer
  • Internal Medicine Club – guess the toxic dose
  • Pathology Club – make your own microbes
  • Paws for People – meet the service animals
  • SCAVMA Store – purchase ‘Tufts Stuff’
  • Shelter Medicine Club
  • SVECCS – pet first aid kits
  • Surgery Club – save the bear
  • Teddy Bear Clinic
  • T-shirt Coloring
  • T-shirt and Stuffy Sales
  • V19 – bake sale
  • WAZE – owl pellet dissection
  • WVLDI – creating pet bandanas


  • Center for Animals and Public Policy
  • Holiday Card Creation Contest
  • International Veterinary Medicine
  • Masters in Conservation Medicine
  • Turtle Rescue League
  • Wildlife Rehabilitators Association
  • Create Wildife Arts and Crafts