Make an Appointment with the Obesity Clinic

You can select one of several plans that best meets your pet's needs for a weight loss program. Every program will include an initial appointment, e-mail or phone advice directly with the board-certified nutritionist dedicated to your case throughout the weight loss program, varying numbers of weigh-ins, and a final assessment once your pet has reached target weight. Prior to scheduling an initial appointment, a diet history form will need to be submitted and current medical records (especially blood work) from your veterinarian may be requested. To learn more and sign up for the clinic, please contact the clinic's Nutrition Service Liaison.

If your pet's primary concern is a medical condition (for example, kidney disease, heart disease) even if he or she is slightly overweight, we would recommend making an appointment with the Clinical Nutrition Service to best serve your pet. If you're not sure which service your pet is best suited for, please contact the clinic's Nutrition Service Liaison.