Frequently Asked Questions about the Clinical Nutrition Service

Are you considering making an appointment with the Clinical Nutrition Service? Here are some FAQs about how the Clinical Nutrition Service works.
General Pet Nutrition
Do you have general questions about feeding your pet? Check out the FAQs about pet nutrition.
Home-cooked Diets for Pets
Are you cooking for your pet or are you considering it? Learn more in the FAQs about home-cooked diets.
Feeding Tubes
Is your sick pet unwilling or unable to eat enough food to maintain body weight? Has your veterinarian recommended you consider a feeding tube? Learn more in the Feeding Tube FAQs.
More Information
For more information on selecting the best pet food, using the internet effectively and objectively for pet nutrition questions, assessing your pet’s condition, how many calories your pet should be eating, and more, please visit the WSAVA Global Veterinary Community’s Nutrition Toolkit