Meera Sriram Student Profile

Meera Sriram

I am originally from Chicago, Illinois and graduated from Northwestern University with a double bachelor's in Biological Sciences and Political Science in 2012. My concentration was in Developmental and Evolutionary Biology, which has given a great foundation for comparative medicine. Throughout college, I worked at a local wildlife clinic, volunteered at a city no-kill shelter, and conducted tuberculosis research in a microbiology lab. I also had the chance to work as a vet tech in a lab animal facility and conduct surveillance and reporting at a local health department. This summer, I interned at a Trauma Research Lab at Mass General Hospital, collaborating with both surgeons and veterinarians. Based on all my experiences, my current interests in veterinary medicine include clinical research, lab animal medicine, and surgery. With my MPH background, I can see myself pursuing One Health objectives in a government research or regulation position in the future. In fact, I would love to join the CDC Epidemic Intelligent Service program or complete a board certification in Preventive Medicine.