Margot Raicek Student Profile

Margot Raicek

I'm originally from Montreal, QC, but moved to the United States to attend Wesleyan University for my undergraduate education. I double majored in Biology and the College of Letters, which combined History, Philosophy and Literature, with an emphasis in European languages. During college, I studied abroad in Madagascar where we focused on how local traditions effected land exploitation and conservation. I graduated in 2011, and spent the year before vet school working on an organic dairy farm in Maine, and traveling to South Asia, where I joined a spay/neuter program in Sri Lanka. I also had the opportunity to travel to many Sri Lankan farms with their university's Large Animal veterinary students, and observe foreign diseases and varied husbandry practices. As an aspiring mixed animal clinical with a food animal focus, I hope to use my MPH to work towards better understanding antibiotic resistance. In considering management practices, I am interested how to balance its proliferation with prosperity of the farmer and animal welfare. Down the road, I would love to be involved in policy debates.