Caroline Mckinney Student Profile

Caroline Mckinney

I am very passionate about One Health and combining my love for animals and inclination for working with people. I received my BA in an interdisciplinary major, Medicine, Health, and Society, with a minor in French, from Vanderbilt University in 2012. I love Nashville and am fixing to return after graduation in 2016. Though originally from the Midwest, specifically Naperville, Illinois, and aiming to return to the south, I have really been enjoying the Northeast. This past summer, I worked at the AVMA Headquarters in the Scientific Activities Division, which is their Public Health unit. I had an excellent time with the AVMA and would love to work in this kind of administrative, policy-creating organization someday. I hope to graduate from the DVM/MPH program with the skills I need to be both a proficient clinical veterinarian (perhaps specializing in equine medicine) and experience that will outfit me to be a leader in a veterinary public health oversight capacity. While I am very interested in working with policy, I would also love to be a program coordinator for humanitarian efforts involving animals.