Molecular Helminthology Laboratory Model Species – Parastrongyloides

The Molecular Helminthology Laboratory is collaborating with Dr. Warwick Grant at La Trobe University in Australia to utilize a remarkable parasite of marsupial possums as a model for aging and parasitism research. Parastrongyloides trichosuri has the amazing ability to exist indefinitely as a free-living worm or to live as a parasitic worm within some small marsupials. Manipulation of culture conditions determines whether this worm lives only a few days as a free-living worm or at least several months as a parasite. The lab has developed methods for the stable introduction of a transgene into these organisms and proposes to use this model to study genes that are required for parasitism or that contribute to longevity.

For more information about the Molecular Helminthology Laboratory's research with this model species please see the Parastrongyloides Project Page and the Nematode Publications page.