Internal pricing for Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine at Tufts University faculty, staff and students. If you are faculty, staff or a student of Tufts University Medford or Boston campuses please click here. Internal pricing is based on an hourly rate of $48 including custom photography, illustration, graphic design, web design, av work, etc. Cost of high resolution laser prints are the same for all pricing structures.

Following is a price sampling of some of our most popular services.

High Resolution Laser Prints

bw or color 1-sided letter size
bw or color 2-sided letter size
bw or color 1-sided legal size
bw or color 2-sided legal size
bw or color 1-sided tabloid size
bw or color 2-sided tabloid size
color image index letter size
5x7 glossy
8.5x11 glossy
Large Format Printing (per sq ft) Laminating & Mounting (per sq ft)
Bright White Inkjet Paper (36" roll) 6.50   Large Format Laminate 7.00
Satin Coated Paper (60" roll) 9.50   Mount on Foam Core 5.50
High Gloss Photo Paper 11.00   Laminate & Mount Combo 9.00
Digital Image Scanning Letter Size Light Weight Laminate  1.00 
Flatbed/Film Scanning (per image) 2.75   Legal Size 2.00 Tabloid Size 3.50
Data Transfer to CD, DVD, VHS
Single Copy Data Transfer to CD 14.00   Single Copy Data Transfer to DVD 20.00
CD Duplication 2-50 (per ea) 4.50   DVD Duplication > 2 (per ea) 15.00
CD Duplication 51-100 (per ea) 4.00   VHS Transfer to DVD 20.00
CD Duplication > 101 (per ea) 3.50   VHS Duplication 8.00
Digitizing Video from VHS, 8mm, Mini DV
digitize video per minute < 10 min 3.00   10-15 min 2.00 > 15 min 1.00
motion frame grab per frame 3.00   digital audio recording per hour 48.00