MAPP Student Projects: Other Topics


Nina Farley Using a Website and Social Marketing for an Animal Protection Campaign
Melissa Rothstein
Intersecting Social Movements: LGBTQ Rights and Animal Rights


Josephine Martell
Could Consumption Cure the Crisis: Examining a Legal trade in Bushmeat in West and Central Africa


Victoria Soto
Injuries Caused by Pet Non-human Primates


Charity Uman
A Retrospective Study of Coracoid Injuries in Birds of Prey
Crystal Miller
CITES Survey


Heidi Weiskel
Status of La Plata River Dolphin Conservation in Argentina
Lisa Marino
Short and Long-term Effects of Gorilla Trekking on the Knowledge, Attitudes, and Behaviors of Tourists Visiting Bwindi-Impenetrable National Park, Uganda
Carey Hannan
Care-givers to the Orphaned, the Injured, and the Ill: Examining the Characteristics and Motivations of Wildlife Rehabilitators


Sarah Wolaver
History and Analysis of Lead and Water Birds: A Close Look at New Hampshire's Legislation


Valerie de Liedekerke
The Factors Influencing African Elephant Policy: Past, Present and Future
Jonathan Rankin
Correlations of Attitudes and Behaviors Toward Animals, Social Groups, Social Institutions and the Environment