MAPP Student Projects: Clinical Veterinary Medicine: Policy and Practice


Jessica Pynoos
EQUUSIMULATOR: The Relevance and Effectiveness of a Procedural Clinical Training Model for Teaching Intravenous Catheterization to Veterinary Students


Thamzen Waller
Behavior Assessment of Declawed versus Clawed Cats at Tufts Animal Behavior Clinic from 1997-2010


Melanie Benetato
Veterinary Forensics Education


Valerie Benka
A Case Study of the Second Chance Fund for Animal Welfare’s Quick Fix Clinic in Worcester County, Massachusetts
Tracey Brant
An Interpretive Analysis of Two Policies of the American Veterinary Medical Association
Kathryn Holthaus
A Review and Interpretive Analysis of the Current Vaccination Principles in Feline Medicine
Rita Jou
The Prevalence of Veterinary Health Care Insurance in the United States: A Critical Analysis of Options and Attitudes


Meltem Bilgic
Baggage and Barriers: The Mechanics of Disease Management in the Gray Wolf
Lauren Price
Determinants of Fear Aggression in Dogs


Amy Hershberger
Characteristics of and Risk Factors for Aggression Toward People in Canines


Nicole Cottam
The Effect of Consultation Type on Behavior Modification for 100 Dogs Diagnosed with Dominance Aggression or Separation Anxiety


Annette Rauch
Issues in Veterinary Forensic Pathology


Kelly Connolly
To Declaw or Not to Declaw, That is the Question: Behavior and Declaw Status of Cats in Suburban Massachusetts
Nevin Sabet
An Analysis of Bacterial Antibiotic Resistance in a Small Animal Veterinary Clinic


Larry Terry
A Survey of Small Animal Veterinarians Regarding their Attitudes and Delivery of Behavior Services in Practice


Gary Block
The Development, Implementation and Assessment of A Course in Veterinary Ethics