MAPP Student Projects: Care and Management of Companion Animal Populations


Mary Koncel
Catching the Spirit: A Follow-up Study of BLM Horse Adoptions in New England
Alana Mahoney
An Investigation into the Dynamics of Shelter Protocol and Transfer Procedures in South Carolina Animal Rescue Organizations


Roberto Castillo
Exploring Contemporary Thoughts on the Use of Environmental Enrichment Programs in No-Kill Animal Shelter
Jennifer Fabiano
Understanding the National Statistics for Animal Care and Control in the United States (2005 – 2008)


Maura Puliafico
Ending Overpopulation: Can the MAC Spay/Neuter Clinic Help Reduce the Pet Surplus in Massachusetts?
Emily Wittman
Disposable Pets: Exploration into the Relinquishment of Unwanted Reptiles


Sarah Cornetto
The Status of Dog Importation in the United States: a Review and Evaluation of State Regulations


Bryn Conklin
Animal Adoption and the Pet Acquisition Process
Melanie Lary
The Plight of the Parrot: An Exploratory Study on the Relinquished Parrot Population of Massachusetts


Colin Berry
Animal Hoarding: A Study of Case Outcomes
Katie Doloff
Types and Characteristics of Child Neglect Information Recorded by Animal Protection Services During Animal Hoarding Investigations
Sara Dykstra
Animal Sanctuaries: Current Standards and Regulation, and Ideas for the Future
Maria Vaca-Guzman
Animal Hoarders' Accounts


Emily McCobb
Assessment of Stress Levels Among Cats in Boston Area Animal Shelters


Heather Tallent
Evaluating International Approaches to Dangerous Dog Policy
Tristan Rehner
Inter-observer Reliability of a Behavior Assessment Protocol for Dogs


Sarah Balcom
Animal Adoptions as Social Process: A Comparison of Two Shelters


Irene Stalzer
A Survey of the Public Perception of Animal Shelters in One New York Suburb and a Discussion of Ways to Increase Adoption Rates
Hillary Twining
Managing the Stigma of Outlaw Breeds: A Case Study of Pit Bull Owners


Tina Pereira
Using Social Marketing to Fight Cat Overpopulation: The Cat Samaritan Project


Natalie Digiacomo
A Re-evaluation of Pet Relinquishment Through One-on-One Interviews with People Surrendering Pets to a Shelter
Lori Donley
The Epidemiology of Animal Cruelty, Abuse and Neglect in Massachusetts


Elizabeth Clancy
Comprehensive Models of Dog and Cat Population Flows in Massachusetts
Stephanie Frommer
Loving Them to Death: How Surrenderers and Shelter Workers Manage the Guilt of Euthanasia