MAPP Student Projects: Animals in Culture, Ethics and the Law


Ike Sharpless
Writing Animal Welfare into WTO Law: Assessing the Merits with Stakeholder Interviews


Marcie Berry
Shooting Wildlife: The Influence of Wildlife and Nature Photography on Public Policy
Emily Skalet
Beyond Depictions: Live Animals in Contemporary Art
Amy Snyder
Cultural Preservation amidst a Modernizing Ideology: A Case Study of China's Bear Bile Farming Industry
Fabien Tepper
An Ethical Analysis of Compound 1080 as a Coyote Poison


Lisa Brown
Animalities: Curriculum Guide for a Graduate Seminar on Animals, Art and Public Policy
Jared Milrad
A Fundamental Nexus: Animals and Genocide from an International Policy Perspective
Rebecca Silverstein
Applying the Court-Appointed Special Advocate Model to Dogs in the Legal System


Debra MacLaren
Meat Messages: a Qualitative and Quantitative Analysis of the Messages Found in Meat Advertisements in US Magazines


Lisa Baruzzi
The Power of Story: the Development of Animals in Literature Courses in Liberal Arts Colleges


Hayley Glaholt
Animal Blessing Ceremonies in Christian and Non-Denominational Congregations
Megan Hemperly
Wo.Manly Pursuits: The Voice of the Female Hunter
Dana Zenko
The Perfect Menu: Non-Human Animals in the Diet of Contemporary New England Utopian Communities


Kate Nattrass
Animal Protection in the German constitution: Social Development and Legal Implications
Nina Shah
Risk Analysis of rbST in the US and EU: The Role of Political Factors and Animal Welfare
Maria Vaca-Guzman
Animal Hoarders' Accounts


Kathleen Allspaw
Engaging the public in the regulation of xenotransplantation: Would the Canadian Model of Public Consultation be Effective in the US


Susanne Abromaitis
Inviting Politics to Dinner: An Eco-feminist Analysis of Meat Eating


Amalia Santiago
Children's Attitudes Towards Meat and Diet


Daniel Kossow
Where Non-human Animals Stand in the Public Eye: Public Opinion of Non-human Animals from Past to Present


Dena Jones
Characteristics Associated with Voting on Statewide Ballot Measures Affecting Animals