Shelter Dog Dental Day

Each spring, the Tufts Shelter Medicine Program offers a free dental cleaning to dogs from shelters and rescues as part of Shelter Dog Dental Day. Veterinary students perform the cleanings under the supervision of three veterinary dental specialists, a board-certified, anesthesiologist and two veterinary technicians.

To qualify, the dogs must be examined by your veterinarian within one month of the procedure day. If the veterinarian feels that pre-anesthetic blood work should be performed prior to any anesthetic procedure, this testing should be completed about one week before the procedure day. If pre-operative antibiotics were recommended by your veterinarian, the dog must be on them for at least the week prior to the procedure.

The Lerner Spay/Neuter Clinic will provide:

  • General anesthesia and pain medication for the procedure and for afterwards (if needed)
  • Dental exams, cleaning and any needed extractions
  • IV fluid therapy and continuous monitoring during the procedure

Please contact the Lerner Spay/Neuter Clinic for scheduling information and further questions.