DVM/MSLAM Second Year Curiculum

Course Descriptions

VET 553
Preventive Medicine in Research Animal Facilities
4 credits
This course is designed to complement the second year of the veterinary curriculum which is mainly concerned with the pathophysiology of disease. This course focuses on viral, bacterial and parasitic pathogens of concern in the laboratory animal and research settings. Pathogens of importance to traditional laboratory animal species are covered with special emphasis on rodent diseases. In addition, diseases of concern to nontraditional laboratory animals such as swine, small ruminants, fish, amphibians, reptiles and birds are also discussed. The course also provides instruction in the diagnosis, treatment, control and prevention of disease in the laboratory animal facility. The development and implementation of health surveillance and preventative health programs in a laboratory animal setting is discussed including the use of sentinels for routine health monitoring of colonies. This course consists of didactic lectures and tutorial sessions with assigned readings, case studies, and interactive discussions.
VET 557
Specialized Research Environments
5 credits
This course provides advanced instruction in topics relating to specialized environments which are of particular concern to the laboratory animal veterinarian. The course is primarily composed of didactic sessions presented by specialists in the field and addresses a variety of broad topics. Biosafety in the laboratory animal facility is discussed with emphasis on zoonotic diseases, occupational health and safety programs, and biocontainment facility design and operation. Other subject matter includes—animal model development with emphasis placed on mouse genetics and nomenclature; behavioral studies including rodent and primate methodologies; statistics and experimental design; and r imaging technologies such as ultrasound, magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and computed tomography (CT). The course consists of didactic lectures, case studies and facility tours which are designed to integrate the material discussed in lectures.