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IVM forums are usually on Wednesday evenings from 5:30-7:00 pm in the Wood Conference Room in the Wildlife Building, unless otherwise indicated. Forums are open to anyone interested in international veterinary medicine and are required for IVM Certificate Program students and DVM-MPH students.

IVM Forums
Date Topic Discussion Leader
February 27
(Date change)
Veterinarians' Role in the USAID Emerging Pandemic Threats Program Dr. Saul Tzipori
March 6 Wildlife Farming in Vietnam and Public Health Concerns Dr. Andrew Bisson
March 27
(Date change)
Welfare Implications of Keeping Wildlife as Pets - Illegal Trade in Wildlife and Private Ownership of Dangerous Carnivores Dr. Ian Robinson, IFAW
Emergency Relief Director
April 3 White Nose Syndrome in Bats Dr. Alison Robbins
April 17 IVM Forum: International Summer Research Departure Briefing (for all students doing international summer research) IVM Faculty
May 8 Global One Health Opportunities for Veterinarians Dr. Gary Vroegindewey Director
Global Health Initiatives,
May 15 TBD Dr. Felicia Nutter/
Dr. Christopher Whittier