Faculty in International Veterinary Medicine

The International Veterinary Medicine Program serves as the home to faculty members focused on international education, research and service, with expertise in a wide range of areas, including: veterinary epidemiology, participatory epidemiology, epidemiological modeling, livestock in development, animal health policy and institution building, livestock and developmental relief, pastoralism, appropriate technology, community animal health, ecosystem health, community based conservation, and wildlife medicine. In addition, 20 adjunct faculty members who are practitioners in the international arena allow the program to form multi-disciplinary teams capable of addressing a variety of problems.

Felicia Nutter
Jean Mukherjee
Jose Garcia-Lopez
Flo Tseng
Lois Wetmore
Chris Whittier
Mark Pokras
Hellen Amuguni
Jennifer Steele
Jeff Mariner
Melissa Mazan
Meghan Stanley, Department Manager
Sharyn Shugrue, Administrative Assistant