International Veterinary Medicine

Developed in 1982, the International Veterinary Medicine (IVM) Program performs field-based research and service dealing with livestock and wildlife health in developing countries. The International Veterinary Medicine Program is recognized nationally and internationally as a leader in the field of international veterinary education, and in developing innovative community-based initiatives in support of sustainable livelihoods. In partnership with the Tufts Center for Conservation Medicine, the International Veterinary Medicine Program initiatives also incorporate critical issues important to conservation medicine and ecosystem health.

The Tufts International Veterinary Medicine Program includes a variety of classroom and field experiences that allows us to tailor our program to the career goals of individual students. Students learn about working cross-culturally, understanding global agricultural systems and international trade issues, and become familiar with emerging and foreign animal diseases. They do this through core courses, the International Veterinary Medicine Signature Opportunity and, for select students, the International Veterinary Medicine Post Graduate Certificate Program.

With its emphasis on research, service and education, the Tufts International Veterinary Medicine Program is making an impact in the world today, while educating for the future.