International Veterinary Medicine Projects

The conservation medicine approach recognizes that the health of humans, animals, and the environment in which they exist are inextricably linked. Conservation Medicine practitioners go beyond short-term conservation goals to ensuring long-term environmental sustainability. This requires a holistic approach in which biodiversity conservation is achieved via policies and programs that integrate the well-being of all species and their common habitats.

Student Projects

The centerpiece of the signature program is the international student summer research project. Tufts veterinary students who go overseas usually conduct research as part of a long-term IVM Program research initiative, are supervised by both a Tufts and a field mentor, and are often paired with a host-country student. As part of their research project Tufts students write a research proposal, find their own funding, conduct their fieldwork, provide stakeholders with a written report, and are encouraged to publish their results in a peer-reviewed journal. Since 1982, over 250 Tufts veterinary students have completed international projects.