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Recent Media

TCSVM Press Release – May 19, 2009
Barn Personnel Respiratory Questionnaire
A questionnaire study reveals that half of barn personnel surveyed experience higher-than average rates of respiratory symptoms.
WCVB-TV: Chronicle – May 19, 2009
Vet School
Reporter: Mary Richardson
Channel 5's nightly Chronicle news magazine is devoted to a day-in-the-life at the veterinary school. Segments are devoted to cases at the small and large animal facilities and the wildlife clinic.
The MetroWest Daily News – March 15, 2009
Tall tale: Molly the giraffe makes a comeback at Southwick's Zoo
This article about Molly, a baby giraffe that was nursed back to health at the Cummings School, mentions that Molly has returned to Southwick's Zoo and is doing well.
Telegram and Gazette – April 15, 2009
Drivers have a bullish day
By Aaron Nicodemus
A photo of two abandoned bull calves being treated at the Cummings School appears with an article about two drivers who found the animals on the side of the road and took them to the Hospital for Large Animals. Dr. Paradis is quoted, Dr. Costa is pictured.
...The Cummings School is caring for the calves, which are estimated to be about two weeks old. They're so young, according to school officials, they are still being bottle-fed. Other than some road abrasions, they are fine, said Mary Rose Paradis, doctor of veterinary medicine and section head for large animals at the Cummings School. They're bright and alert, and very hungry....
Today Show (NBC) – March 2, 2009
Baby giraffe nursed back to health
Anchor: Meredith Viera
On the Today Show on Monday, co-anchor Meredith Vieira interviewed Dr. Bedenice about Molly, the baby giraffe brought to the Hospital for Large Animals for treatment. Caretakers of Molly say that they plan to return Molly to the Southwick's Zoo sometime this week. Molly will still have to be bottle raised for more time before being returned to her mother, caretakers say.
NBC News – March 2, 2009
Lo-o-ng swallow: Bottle-feeding saves giraffe
By Michael Inbar
Weekend Today (Weekend Edition of The Today Show) – February 28, 2009
Massachusetts Giraffe Saved at Tufts
Anchor: Carlos Quintanilla
Dr. Mazon is interviewed with Southwick Zoo director Betsey Brewer for a live segment of the Saturday edition of The Today Show. Dr. Mazan said:
...Well, it's—as veterinarians here at Tufts, we like to think that we treat all animals. They're mammals. And we look at them as similar species. And the biggest problem is that without having the mom's first milk, which is full of antibodies, she wasn't protected against the bacteria and other things in her environment. And Dr. Brewer, her owner, actually first treated her with colostrum. And then we gave her supportive care with antibiotics, fluids, analyzed her blood work and tried to figure out exactly what was going wrong...
New England Cable News (NECN) – February 27, 2009
Cummings School saves newborn giraffe
Los Angeles Times (L.A. Unleashed blog) – February 27, 2009
Your morning adorable: Baby giraffe gets great care at Tufts