Histopathology Service Research Pricing

Pricing includes administrative costs and packaging for pickup, as well as expert technical work to deliver the finest product. (Postage/handling fee extra if slides are not picked up at our facility).

*Volume discounts can be arranged when large numbers of the same stain are requested at the same time.

Histopathology Service Research Pricin
Tissue Trimming of Necropsy or Surgical Tissue received in formalin $ 52.50/hour
Decalcification $18.00/case up to 6 decalcified blocks
Tissue Processing and Embedding in Paraffin – no slides cut $4.00/block
Tissue Processing, Embedding, and Production of One H&E Slide/block $10.50/block
Additional H&E slides from same block of tissue $8.00/slide
Unstained slides on Positively charged slides (for IHC or special stains) $4.00/slide
Special Staining Techniques: Traditional Dye Stains $10.00/slide
Special Staining Techniques: Silver Stains $12.00/slide
Frozen Sectioning: Embed & Orient to OCT $12.00/block
Unstained frozen section slides on + charged slides $5.00/slide
H & E slide from oriented frozen section block $8.00/slide
Immunohistochemistry: Antibody Validation (Researcher provides antibody) $105.00
Immunohistochemistry: Researcher provides antibody & any special detection/chromagen $32.00/slide*
Immunohistochemistry: We provide antibody & all required reagents $42.00/slide*
Cell blocks: Paraffin block prepared from fluid specimen (1 H&E slide prepared) $31.00/block
Diagnostic Veterinary Pathology $21.00/slide
Special Techniques: Large block eyeballs or bone, Processing/Embedding $8.50/block
Special Techniques: Large block eyeballs or bone, Process/Embed/One H&E Slide $17.00/slide
Histology Slide Sets for Teaching, Seminars, Etc. (from blocks provided) Per case basis*