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Tufts Battery Recycling Program

Battery recycling has changed! Standard alkaline batteries contain only a minute amount of heavy metals now. Some are completely free of heavy metals, including mercury. These batteries can be disposed of in the regular trash. Rechargeable batteries however do still contain heavy metals and should be recycled. Watch and small device "button" batteries also should be recycled.

Best practice: use rechargeable batteries whenever you can and when it is practical BUT you must recycle these.  This is the lowest use practice (REDUCES consumption).

Next Best practice: use low or no mercury alkaline batteries and you can throw them in the regular trash.  These batteries no longer contain heavy metals and are accepted at landfills.  Keep in mind that this option does not reduce consumption however and does still contribute to landfill solid waste.


Please place expired rechargeable batteries in battery collection buckets in your area. Notify Grafton Facilities if your bucket is getting full.

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